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Japan Shopping Service: Quick links + what's in store

★ My name is Karmen and I'm from Singapore.

I'm running a shopping service in Osaka, Japan
★ The shopping service is now closed to new orders. I will now work on fulfilling present orders before I pack and head on home. Thank you very much for your support!

My service is quick:
★ I am willing to head down to the shops on any day and can ship out your items on any weekday. (Please refer to shipping status for more info!)

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[ the full details: link to my service announcement on egl_comm_sales ]

[shopping service form (click to open within this page)]
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Any other info

[contact info]
etsplanations at] gmail [dot] com

[the latest items I've found in the second-hand stores]

20 Feb:
AatP Chain Bouquet JSK in Black x Blue -- 17,800 yen [ hello lace ]
AatP Melty Mermaid Princess OP in Offwhite x Sax -- 17,800 yen [ lolibrary ]
MmM Silent Moon Long OP in black x blue -- 32,800 yen [ lolibrary ]
MmM Alchemy in black x red: 39,800 yen
Victorian Maiden rose corsages in bordeaux and black -- 2,800 yen

Gothic and Lolita Bibles (860 yen each including SS fees):
3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 12, 18, 22


MmM Silent Moon OP in white x black, brand new with tags -- 34,800 yen [ image ]
Moitie blue x white cross socks -- 1,200 yen [ image ]
IW brown x pink floral socks -- 1,000 yen [ image ]
MILK heart bags in silver and black -- 9,800 and 19,800 yen respectively;
silver bag has no brand name on the exterior, only a MILK zipper [ image ]
Alice Auaa (badass) jacket -- 17,800 yen [ image ] [ back ] [ close-up ]
mille fleurs pinstripe JSK -- 7,800 yen [ image
BTSSB crystal necklace (also available in pink) -- 3,800 yen each [ image
AatP fur? tippet -- 4,200 yen
IW pink embroidery skirt - 5,500 yen
IW blue floral JSK -- 800 yen
ETC tea party skirt -800 yen
BTSSB gathered chiffon JSK (pink x off white) -- 16,800 yen
Atelier-Pierrot Romeo & Juliet corset skirt (bordeaux) -- 16,800
AP Cinema Doll OP in pink x black -- 31,500 yen
AP Honey Cake Switching JSK in ivory -- 26,04 yen
BTSSB milk-chan pochette in white; 3800yen
IW emblem high-waist JSK in bordeaux; 14800yen
AatP This is my Blood tote in black; 1000yen (this one looks old somehow)
ETC Pippi Langstrumpf OP in pink, 4000yen (missing the ribbon and has underarm stains, hence the price)

Thank you very much for taking me into consideration as your shopping service!
I hope I can help you with your orders while I am in Osaka.

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Hello, and welcome to my journal!

Most of my entries are friends-locked. I don't mind if you add me, but if you'd like me to add you back, do leave me a PM or a comment here :) If we have a couple of interests in common or know each other already, I'll probably add you back!

Please click here for my sales album. Any item still in this album has not been sold yet. It is consistently being updated.

I also got myself a Tumblr recently.

That's all for now ^__^

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EGLFEEDBACK: You can find my entry on the eglfeedback journal over here.

Comment: Anything you want -- feel free to use the eglfb format if you're not too sure what to write, but there's no need to stick to it. Thanks so much! :3
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Wardrobe + wishlist ~

If you'd like to have a look...


Most items in my wardrobe are not available for sale (that's why they're in that album). I might be inclined to part with some items as my style changes, so if you like something, just ask ^^ I'm highly partial to my JeJ and Moitie at the moment, so it's unlikely I'll sell those soon.

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Text wardrobe has been replaced with a visual wardrobe! It's up on Flickr.

My wishlist (along with size info) has been posted to Flickr as well.
Please don't hesitate to offer me things that are different from my wishlist, but something that looks like it could be my style!